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Last updated 6th August 2004

Titan 2.0

Most recent version - Titan 2.0 (22/07/2004)

    Welcome to the Titan website. Titan is an image handler for your graphics applications.

    For still images, Titan can load/save most varieties from .TGA, .BMP, .PCX, .PNG and .JPG.
    Files can be loaded from from disk, from memory, or from anywhere else you like, for use in a virtual file system. Future releases are going to reintroduce the old animation system and add sound and 3d mesh handlers.

    The following platforms/compilers are currently supported -
        Windows/Microsoft Visual C++ 6
With Linux and Windows Gnu versions coming as soon as I create some makefiles

    I am keen to hear your thoughts about Titan, what it should or shouldn't do or how it can be improved. I especially want to hear of any bugs you may find.

    Titan is released under the Zlib license. This basically means that you can link Titan to your application free of charge. Any modifications to the source you make MUST be made available to the general public and may be used to further Titans development.