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Last updated 6th August 2004


Rich pointed out earlier today this article on Slashdot that mentions several security issues with libpng. For those of you using the source version of Titan it might be worth getting the fixed version of libpng.

I will upload a new binary version of Titan over the weekend compiled with this new version. Dan

Finally, an update :)

I've been using Titan pretty much unaltered from how it was in the last post 3 1/2 years ago so I thought I should really get around to releasing it again. The main reason I haven't is because it would have taken a while to get some docs written and to finish VirtualFile. So I decided about a week ago to release it whatever happened soon and I have. It works and I have retested it. I put a very basic working version of VirtualFile up on it's SourceForge space and I will make that into a proper release before long.

Let me know what you think.


    I've been working on Titan 2 for a while now, and it is looking good. Everything is completely re-done and working how it should, including some new bits like compressed and greyscale .TGA loading.

    The OpenPTC wrapper works fine, not how I said by adding #define TITAN_USE_PTC, but by linking to titan_ptc.lib instead of titan.lib. An OpenGL wrapper is also done to allow loading of textures. The .DLL works fine as well.

    I'm still not sure when it will be out as I still have to add the flic animation handler, but it should be fairly soon. If you feel like a sneak preview (without docs), it is available from CVS on the project page , but you will also need VirtualFile from CVS, which is the Titan 1.x virtual file system moved to a new project

    As usual, any comments welcome.

    p.s. Anyone that follows the demo scene may be interested that Orange's 5th place winning demo 'The nonstop Ibiza experience' at Assembly 2000 used Titan to load it's images. Orange are one of the big 'design-oriented' groups and I'm very happy to have been some help to them. I'll be putting up a page listing any productions that use Titan sometime, so you can see what has been done with it. There at least 3 demos that I currently know about, but I may find more.

    I'm going to be rewriting Titan fairly soon, as I have a few changes to be made at fairly low level.

    Has anyone got any particular ideas on anything fundamental that Titan could find useful?

    My current plans are to add a Titan namespace, and to add support for dynamicly linked libraries (.DLL, .SO). I've also going to add a small abstraction layer so that Titan will useable without OpenPTC. Don't worry though, the current Titan/OpenPTC API will still work with one small change to your code (adding '#define TITAN_USE_PTC').

    I'm not expecting this to take too long, but then again I always say that!

    Also, if anyone with some spare time wants to lend a hand, I'd appreciate it. This takes up far more time than I have. There are three main posts I can think of, although any offers of help are welcome -

    Linux maintainer, familiar with Autoconf/Automake
    3D manager, To maintain and add new 3d file formats.
    Sound manager, To maintain and add new sound file formats

    As you can see I'm branching out a bit...

    Well, it's here at last!

    Sorry about the delay, but I lost my hard drive (and therefore my computer) for a while. Anyway, The new animation handler is here, along with loads of bug fixes, including one for the Jpeg/PNG/VC6 problem! Also, Titan will be available via CVS within a few days.

    After a long time trying to fix this problem (I hate linking between C/C++ projects!), I was sent a fix today by Florian 'Proff' Schulze. Many thanks to him for pointing out my mistake. Maybe the new pre-release will actually work properly this time!

    Just a preview, have a look around and mail me with your thoughts.

    I've still got to complete the buglist, and I know the left hand panel resizes with your browser width, I had to do that for compatibility with Netscape. (it doesn't seem to support cell widths in pixels, just percentages)

    I'm not going to mention the 'M' word...